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Sleep paralysis/Hipnogogic experince

It happened again, the second time in one month!
While falling asleep early this morning-about 5.30 or so (I woke up to drink water, I was thirsty)- I began to feel like vibrations through my body and began trembling. Then I heard a loud breathing coming somewhere behind, me and also felt like someone was there, watching me, out of my sight. I tried to open my eyes and turn around to saw who was, but I was unable to move, nor stop trembling. The sense of the presence didn't fade away  and I tried to cry for help, hopefully that I would awake one of my mates but I neither couldn't speak or scream. I began to feel really scared and had some difficults with breathing... Then suddenly all stoped and I could wake up. I didn't want to sleep, 'cos I knew then it would began again, so I went to the dining-room and read a book.
Lately I made a bit of research and discovered that what happened it's called Sleep paralysis with associated hipnagogic experinces. I'm more relived now I know it's kinda normal (about 30-40% population suffers episodes of it). Sleep paralysis occurs when the brain awakes from the REM phase but the bodily paralysis (perfectly normal in REM) persists. This leaves the person aware but unable to move. In addition, this state may be accompanied by hipnagogic hallucinations (vivid dreamlike auditroy, tactile or visual sensations). One of its causes is stress or bad sleeping (I don't feel more stressed then normal, but I haven't sleep so much in the last two weeks)
Traditionally, this episodes had been realted with spectral appearences or abductions (yeah... Do I seem stupid enough to belive this shit? XD)
A common advice is to try to make little eye movements or try to slightly move fingers and toes, it seems to help the body to "break" the paralysis and fully wake up. If that happens to me again, I'll try all of these and hopefully it would be shorter. Belive me, it's so frightening wanting to move and couldn't do anything...

PS: Bloody hell, my computer it's screwed up! Huge thanks to my friend Aida who lend me her portable computer while mine is fixed ^^
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