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Lost in my own world

The only light here is the one you bring with yourself

4 July 1988
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I hate writing profiles... And still, I'm filling this one; ironic, right? Just ask whatever you want, generally I don't bite.
In fact I'm a comment whore, so don't be shy and reply to whatever post you want, it doesn't matter how old. If you're untrollesque, I'll probably like you. I have a lot of interests/obsessions, and if I'm not into that thing in the moment, it's possible that you will get me in with a bit of talking XD

If you wanna add me, just do it or send me a message or whatever you like, usually I'm a friendly person.

Never take life seriously. Nobody gets out alive anyway.

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30 seconds to mars, 80s, 90s, absurdity, acting weird, alex kapranos, androgyny, anime, aquariums, asoiaf, bandslash, barcelona, barça, biology, bisexuality, blur, blur vs oasis, books, boys in eyeliner, brian molko, british bands, britpop, brotherly love, cats, chocolate, chris martin, cinema, coldplay, comedy, concerts, cracky thoughts, damon albarn, damon/graham, dante/nero, depeche mode, devil may cry, dogs, dom howard, dr who, dragonlance, dreaming awake, dreams, dvd, fan art, fanfiction, fantasy, fib, filming stupid videos, films, franz ferdinand, freedom of speech, friends, gay porn, ghost stories, gin and tonic, gmail, good omens, graham coxon, guy berryman, harry potter, hating housework, hating rainy days, heroes, hiei/kurama, horror, indie, internet, ipod, j.r.r tolkien, japan, jarvis cocker, julian casablanca, kaiser chiefs, kasabian, kings of leon, kinks, languages, legend of the seeker, liam gallagher, liam/damon, liam/noel, linkin park, london, lord of the rings, lost, lurking around, manchester, manga, matt bellamy, mckay/sheppard, merlin, monty python, muse, music, my chemical romance, mythology, nc-17, new york, nick mccarthy, noel gallagher, noel/liam, oasis, oceans, omg, pervy thoughts, photography, placebo, pop, pulp, pwp, razorlight, reading, rock, rps, sam/castiel, science fiction, sga, sherlock holmes, shopping, sleeping, star trek, star trek tng, star trek voyager, star wars, stargate, stephen king, suede, supernatural, sushi, the matrix, the police, the simpsons, the strokes, tom/serge, translating, traveling, u2, vampires, vergil/dante, vhs, video games, vinyls, vodka, wheel of time, writing, yami/bakura, yaoi, yu yu hakusho, yu-gi-oh, yuusei/kiryu